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Not only is Richmond one of my favorite areas of London, it is also the best place to date escorts in all of London. Why? Well, let me tell you that Richmond escorts are both sexy and sophisticated. Of course, you may not like that about escorts but I think it has a certain relevance when dating hot babes. I sort like looking at a hot babe in stilettos and a nice dress. Okay, not all gents feel that way but I have a funny feeling that most gents are into a bit of sophistication when it comes to dating sexy ladies.

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Tina is another hot blonde from Richmond escorts services that I date a lot. She used to work for a lap dancing club in Soho, so this hot bit of stuff can really move. She insists on treating me to lap dances during our dates and how can I refuse such a pretty hot thing. She is only a baby at 20 but she seems to have a lot of experience and we have some serious good adult fun when we are together on our dates.

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