What Is The Root Of Most Love Affairs?

Women often miss the point of why men have affairs. They assume men like to have affairs with London escorts because we happen to be pretty, slim and sexy. That is not the case. Most men who have affairs with London escorts do so because of totally different reasons. One common reason is infatuation. There is a clear difference between infatuation and love, but as we are only human, it is easy to get them confused.

Do Men Fall In Love With London Escorts?

I guess it is true that men do fall in love with London escorts. However, since I have been dated, I think that the vast majority of men become infatuated with London escorts. They love the way we make them feel and interact with them. In many ways, I think most escorts play on that. Sure, we may look pretty and sexy, but ultimately, it is not about that. What really attracts men to date London escorts is the way we make them feel about themselves. When a man feels good, he is likely to think that he is in love.

What Is Infatuation?

That is not very easy to explain, but one thing that I have been figured out since I have been with London escorts, is that there is a difference between love and infatuation. Love is a much stronger feeling and lasts for longer. It sort of ebbs and flows with all of the ups and downs we experience in life. Sometimes it is up, and at other times, it flows less strongly. Infatuation is often short lasting and comes and goes much faster. It may be here today and gone tomorrow. In other words, it is not such a strong feeling.

Sexy Fun With London Escorts

I think that most men get kind of a “pick me up” when they date London escorts. They feel on top of the world for a little while, and try to hang on that feeling. It may carry them over for a couple of day, and when it leaves them again, they call London escorts. The feeling can become almost addictive. Perhaps this is why so many men assume that they are addicted to London escorts and can’t stop dating them. I can see that. Yes, sexy fun with London escorts is important, but there are other reasons why dating escorts make men feel good.

How do you stop an affair? If you find yourself having an affair with a girl from a London escorts, it is a good idea to sit down and take stock. What is going on in your relationship? Are you actually sure that dating escorts in London is the right answer? For some men, dating escorts may be the right answer, but you should be aware that things can quickly get out of hand. Sure, you think that you are in love with that sexy girl, but you may just be infatuated with her.