To become a Clapham Escort is the right decision I made


I never thought of my life could change, and have accepted the fact to remain life miserable and messy. Well, we heard lots of people who gave up being, and kill their self. Suicide becomes the option nowadays especially if you have no one to hold on and share your problems in life. Life is tough, and we deal every day with it. And if you give up, you lose, and when you fight, you win. And that is simple logic.

There is no such thing as a comfortable life, all of us undergo through it, and we have to become brave for ourselves. We have to fight for the things that keep knocking us down. We should learn to believe in ourselves, and stop allowing people are stamping our dignity. We are humans too, and even poor people have rights to live. When you let people abuse you, they will continue doing it. They will continue to drag you down and feel you unwanted.

My life is hard, especially when you came from a wealthy family, the pressure and expectations are high. And I have to deal with it or lose all this comfort ability I feel. I was once before a bully to beggars thought if they were trash and dirty people. I keep belittling them and say hurtful words at them. I do public shaming until they cry and play a victim. I find myself happy about doing it.

I am a party woman, love to be with many men but not a relationship. I don’t want to get attached or committed, I am still young and enjoying my life. I don’t wish to someone to make rules for me and change me into something I don’t like. I have seen it with my friends, and have no time for us because their partner gets angry. I hate that people treat a relationship as an ownership and not partnership. But I never expected things to happen in my life, my parents have a business, and thought of it is going well.

And then, they have to make a tough decision involving me, and it is to have an arranged marriage. I don’t even have a boyfriend; when I know there is a potential, how much more to an entire stranger. I declined the offer; they cut off all my credit cards and bank accounts. I started to feel the feeling of a poor, and regret on making fun of them. I look for work and become a Clapham escort from I think I couldn’t have a good life anymore, but with determination and hard work, I did. To become a Clapham Escort is the right decision I made