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Aggressive Sex: An Act That Has Raised Many Eyebrows

As the years have gone by, it is not a secret that sex has become an act that consists of different elements for a lot of people. There are some couples who like sex that is soft and others who like it rough and others who like it both soft and rough throughout the act. There are also couples who like to go overboard and make their sex an aggressive act.

Aggressive Sex

Aggressive sex can consist of many different things, such as fights, loud noises, scratching, biting, mocking, and etc. After the act is done, couples tend to push away looking distinctly unfriendly. Even after such displays, a lot of couples still opt to remain together. Who initiates the aggressiveness? This seems to be the million dollar question. Is it mutual?

There are some sex therapists who have questioned if methods of violence are what some men utilize in order to ‘get their way’ with a woman. If we stop and think about it, if a woman is constantly getting spit and scratched on by her man while they are performing sex, most people would expect her to walk away. If she doesn’t, she must either like it or she feels that her man has control over her. In the case of male control, she is more than likely suffering from self-esteem issues and will feel like she is nothing if she just decides to get up and walk away from all the aggressiveness that is bombarding her being when her partner wants to have sexual contact with her.

The Man Stops When the Woman Stops Him

There is a very popular saying in Latin America that says ‘el hombre llega hasta donde la mujer quiere’ (the man stops when the woman wants). This saying really makes sense. It literally means that when a woman says ‘no,’ the man will instantly stop trying to pursue her to have sex with him.

Bottom line is that aggressive sex is present in a lot of couples. If nobody walks away from the relationship and this type of sex continues, then it usually means that they both enjoy it. It can be that it is a fantasy that both the woman and the man have in common, and they are finally able to fulfill it. There some individuals who get turned on with a kiss and other individuals who get turned on with a bite. Each to their own, right?