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Let me tell you that it is not easy to work for Acton escorts. When I worked in London, I never used to do so much dinner dating, but here at Acton escorts I am doing a lot of dinner dating. Staying slim is a real nightmare and I seem to be spending more and more time at the gym. Gents in this part of the world have a different idea when it comes to dating. It is not that I mind at all, but at the same time it is weird that it is so different.

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Since I started to work for Acton escorts, I have felt a lot more like a paid companion. The truth is that a lot of the girls who work here are into different things. In London it used to be all about fun behind closed doors, but here in Acton you may end up going on golf dates and even play golf. I have this one gent who is really into golf, and he has got me playing golf. I thought I was just going to caddy for him, but that is not what he wants at all. He actually wanted me to play golf with him.


Do I enjoy this new style of dating? I don’t mind dating with Acton escorts, but I am spending more time looking after myself. In London I used to go to the gym about twice a week, but here in Acton I am going about four times per week just to keep fit. I like to keep fit so going to the gym is not a big thing. When I am at home I make sure that I eat plenty of salads and fish. That is probably one of my favorite ways of keeping slim, and fit. It is not easy when you are expected to dine out a lot.


I have also noticed that the gents that I date at Acton escorts drink a lot more. As I go somewhere with one of my gents, I seem to end up with a drink in my hand. That is no good at all. It is both fattening and alcohol is full of sugar as well. I keep telling them that I like things like mineral water or just some juice, but I keep being offered champagne. That is very nice but I am not so sure what it is doing for my figure at all, and I certainly know that it is not doing my liver any good.


Many of my dates here at Acton escorts say that I am a bit too health conscious. In my book that is not a bad thing at all. I do like the rural lifestyle with all of the pubs, and going out for walks so living in Acton has its benefits. Am I going to say working for Acton escorts? Yes, I am. I have met so many nice gents here in Acton that I am not really prepared to leave at all. Honestly, I think that I am on my way to becoming a country girl and that suits me fine. I suspect that I may even be joining the Women’s Institute soon and start making jam as a hobby.

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