Is it tough to be an ex escort?

I was not sure what to expect when I left St Albans escorts. Some of the girls who leave an escort service seem to manage fairly well but other girls do not manage so well at all. When I left the escort agency of that I worked for, I had not made any specific plans at all. I knew that I wanted to do something different but I was not sure what I wanted to do. You cannot stay in escorting forever as it can drive you nuts. It is all of the long hours and working late at night. I had achieved what I wanted to achieve so I decided to move on.

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The first week after I left St Albans escorts was a complete nightmare for me. It was a little bit like detoxing if you like. I was not used to get up in the morning and I fond that my body just could not handle sleep before midnight. Gradually as I started to spend more time outside, I started to feel better about myself. I argued that fresh air was the best solution and I spent a lot of time out walking in the park. Gradually I seem to get my life into balance.

During my walks, I tried to focus on what I wanted to do. My friend who had left St Albans escorts a couple of months before me had a clear career path. I had nothing like that at all. The only thing that I really had was a feeling of not being able to focus and not sure of what I wanted to do at all. I kept looking at other people trying to imagine what they did for a living. It would have been better to have a plan, but I was not that lucky.

The fresh air felt like therapy to me and I noticed that I was getting a lot of healthier. The park that I walked in here in London was full of other walkers and I started to think that exercise is important to a lot of people. Little by little, I felt that I was being drawn towards something like that. The gym I had been going to when I worked for St Albans escorts were offering teacher training in spinning so I decided to go for that. The training course only took a week, and before I knew it I was teaching spinning as a free lance instructor.

I loved every single minute of it, and I was even teaching some my former colleagues from St Albans escorts. If you like, it was sort of accidental but I was sure that I was going down the right road. A couple of weeks later, I started to explore other opportunities and decided to train as a walking instructor in Scandinavian pole walking. Now I spend my time spinning and exercise walking people around London parks. It has really worked out well for me and I am enjoying my new lifestyle. At first, it felt strange but I have really turned my life around and I enjoy living my life during the day instead of at night.

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