I used to think that the Kardashian girls were the most stunning ladies on the planet.

Now, I have changed my mind and I have discovered that I really hate the concept of fake. We seem to be really into everything fake these days, and it is beginning to get on my nerves. I even take care and make sure that the girls that I date are not fake at all. It is so easy to get involved with anything fake these days, and I am doing my best to date only genuine girls at London escorts.

It is not only love and romance which is fake. As a business person, I have started to feel that many of the things that I do are fake. It feels so false sometimes to stand there and shake the hand of a person that you really don’t like just to make a buck or two. I have started to invite London escorts to my business functions to make sure that I don’t have to deal with all of the business people that come to my functions. It is a little bit like the girls from London escorts act like a bit of a buffer soon between me and my business colleagues.

A few years ago, I was really into dating elite London escorts. I thought that the girls were really hot and the best looking London escorts in town. However, I soon started to appreciate that many of the were really fake, and I did not feel comfortable around them anymore. Now I only date cheap London escorts and enjoy the dating experience much more. It is a bit like cheap escorts in London are a lot more fun to be around and are more genuine.

I am not sure why we have become so fascinated by fake people. When I was younger, we did not have this crazy celebrity culture that we have today. It is like everybody is after earning a penny from their looks or lifestyle. I honestly think that it is crazy and I am not sure that it is so good for us. Sometimes I even need to meet up with the girls from London escorts, just to get a smile out of another person. Is that right? I am not sure that it is.


Are we becoming worried about “fakeness” as I like to call it? I think that we are and we are also losing trust in each other. There are plenty of guys around London who only date London escorts because they feel they cannot trust ordinary girls. This feeling that we are all after something seems to come from our culture of fakeness. We are not doing ourselves any favors here in the long run. It would be better if we could learn how to be real with each other and stop wasting our money on the celebrity culture of fake people. It will only lead to heart ache in the end.