Has My Life Changed Since I Moved to the UK?

When I moved to the UK first of all, I was not sure what I had expected. Like so many other Polish girls, I decided to move to the UK as there are not that many jobs in Poland. I had done some modelling before I left Poland and I was hoping to find something similar in London. So many girls from Poland were leaving for the UK that I kind of expected the UK to be the land of milk and honey. When I stepped off the bus at Victoria station in London, I was kind of taken back how busy and hectic everything was. It soon become clear to me that finding a job as a model was going to be tough in London. A couple of the girls that I knew form back in Poland worked as models for Bellingham escorts, and I ended up checking the place out. I thought I was actually going to be modelling for an agency, but instead I found myself working for Bellingham escorts as an escorts. It was not really what I had expected at all, but at least I was getting some money.

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When I had been working for Bellingham escorts for a little while, I met a nice guy at the escort agency. He was not pushy like some of the other guys that I date at Bellingham escorts. Instead he seemed more genuinely interested in me, and it did not take very long for us to hook up as he called. He ran his own business in central London, and to my surprise, it was a florist. It was lovely and I liked it there. Within a couple of months, the florist had become my sanctuary away from Bellingham escorts. I had long given up on the dream of becoming a model in London, and honestly thought that I would be stuck escorting for Bellingham escorts to make a living in London. The guy I had dated a couple of times at Bellingham escorts, was now very much my companion and we ended up living about the shop. The girls back in Poland often ask me if my life has changed. It certainly has changed a lot and I love it here. To be honest, I have not advised any of them come over. So many of the girls back home in Poland are desperate to make a buck or two, but I honestly think that they are better of in Poland. Sure, they could come over and try their luck, but I am not sure that any of the girls are going to find a decent job. I love my English husband and together, we have been able to create a very good life for ourselves here in London. Who would have thought that I would become a flower girl in London… In my wildest dreams I could not have imagined myself selling flowers in London, but the truth is that it really works for me.