Foreign girls do come and go

Has the EU been a game-changer for escorts in the UK? Since the UK joined the EU, other member countries’ companion has flooded. Many escorts who work in London these days seem to be from different parts of the EU. Popular countries include Poland, Hungary, and Rumania, but we also see many girls from countries such as Italy, Spain, and Portugal. Bosses at London escorts say that it seems that the London escort employment market appears to be full of escorts from other EU countries, and it is challenging to employ English born guards.

Are English girls not attracted to the profession anymore? Tony has been in the escorts industry for over twenty years and says that he has seen many changes. He is running London escorts, and according to him, they mainly employ girls from foreign countries. Many of them come here because they have a hard time finding work in their country of origin, says Tony. I am not sure if this puts local girls off or not, but I suspect it might be. English girls always used to earn a lot of money as escorts, but now you cannot very easily tempt them into the profession.

Many local gents who date with us at London escorts are surprised at the number of foreign girls. I don’t think I am losing any business through my lack of native escorts, but I would like to employ more native talent. The fact is that many English girls and ladies make excellent escorts. I say, ladies, he says, because I am aware that English girls who start in the profession stay on for a more extended period. Foreign girls do seem to come and go.

Tony laughs and adds that sometimes when I am out and about, I bump into girls who worked for me. They are in their 40’s or late 30’s, but they are still escorting. It is what I mean about English talent, the girls seem to take things a bit more seriously, and I like that. I don’t mind employing senior London escorts at all. Some of them do very well with our men who are in their 50’s. The ladies are responsible and friendly, our gents like to chat with them and often arrange dates over a more extended period with a senior escort.

I am sure that things will change again. At the moment, most London escorts are young and in their 20’s plus they are from abroad, but I am sure it will change. I hope that many English girls will start to appreciate the beauty of the escorting profession. Thanks to publications such as the Better Sex Guide, the general public and others have learned more about this ancient profession, says Tony. Should we not perhaps consider this a good work, after all, all of my escorts and girls pay taxes here in the UK.