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One of the most travel trends today in London. Many people find it beautiful and amazing place. London offers many places to stroll, to walk around, to go to a mall, many beaches, famous restaurants and many more. I am amazed by London, and that is one of my top lists to visit after my school. When I was a kid, my classmates told me about London, when he says it, I feel myself like I am there too. Its funny but all his experiences I want to try. I told my parents about it, but they always promise me but not coming true. I do not know when I could go there. Every day of my life, I am just a house and school, I am not a party person, I spend my time reading and studying. My goal in life is to build my own business and make it grow. My parents have able to send me to school, and I am grateful that they strive hard for me. But there are some circumstances in life we have not expected to come. Such as tragedies. They were on a road trip that day, and I was supposed to join it, but I have a makeup class, at 4:30 pm I got a call from the principal, and she told me the news, my parents got a car accident, and my father has died, and mom is critical. My world falls apart to hear the story, I cannot imagine how life is so unfair, I was only sixteen years old that time and I do not know the real life is, I prayed that day to save my mom. Perhaps she did, but she is in a comma. We have a big bill in the hospital, so she is forced to go home and continue the medication there. I did not even attend the burial of a dad since I look after mom.


I have stop school for a year and help my mom recover, she has, but she is depressed for dads lost. She can eat by herself and walk, so I decided to look for a job to finance my studies since we do not have enough money. I worked as a crew in a restaurant; I managed my time for school, work and mom. Little by little, mom has accepted the situation, and I am happy with it. I do not want to lose her again just like my dad too.


Years passed I graduated from college and got many achievements. Many companies offer me work; I only work for three years to have experience and resign. Mom is so proud of me, and I built a business that I dream of, I have run the business well, and my mom is the vice president of the company for her to enjoy. I also got the chance to go to London and book myself a cheap London escorts from for my visits, when I first saw her, her looks attract me, she is so beautiful and sweet. She is with me and tours me in every part of London.