Better Sex and Performance

London escorts often say that many men ask them how they can improve their sexual knowledge and performance. This is not an easy question to answer even for experienced London escorts. We are all individuals and our sexual needs and appetites vary a lot. I was having a coffee the other day with some of my London escorts friends, and we started to talk about this issue.

I agree with London escorts, men are really worried about their performance all the time. A lot of London escorts say that it relates to the “HE” man in them, and I would agree with that. Most men, according to London escorts, still get mixed up about their sexuality and the word macho. However, us women seem to be able to do deal with things on different levels, Yes, we can be sexy but we can also be mothers, friends and mothers.

A lot of London escorts are mothers as well, and this does not stop them from being sexual being, but they don’t worry about it all the time. London escorts are so right, whether men are holding a golf club or a shovel in their hands, their thoughts are never far from sex.

Sexual Knowledge

The men who have the best sexual knowledge, are the men who have been lovers to older and more experienced women during their younger years. What does that tell you? Men learn by being hands on. I think this is really true, and most of them do learn by doing something practical.

Sex to men is actually a very practical thing according to our resident sex expert Dr Annie Bliss. Here at the Better Sex Guide we talk about all things sex, and men’s sexuality is just one of our topics. Women are not practical about sex, we are sensual.

Sexual Performance

The truth is that you cannot expect to be able to drink six pints per night and be on top of your performance. Cutting down on alcohol certainly helps but there are many other things that can help as well. Exercise can seriously boost your libido, and you should make it part of your every day life.

A better blood circulation will give you a better “response time” and this is very important in love making. If you are serious about increasing your libido, you should make healthy foods and exercise part of your routine.

Yoga is another way to increase your sexual performance. There are many poses which can open up the pelvic floor and increase blood flow. On top of that, there are exercises within yoga routines which you can use to help to improve control and extend your performance.

Above all having sex and making love should be about pleasure for both parties, and sadly men still often lose sight of that. Men often need to slow down a little when it comes to making love, and learn to appreciate that it might take a woman longer “to get there”. Both sexual performance and knowledge do go hand in hand.