Before I joined Eton escorts I used to live on the streets in London.

My mom had remarried and my step dad ended up kicking me out of the house so that they could have more room. It would not have been a problem if I had a job but at the time I didn’t. I went to the local council but they could not help me with any alternative accommodation. So, I became a modern day street urchin trying to make the most of my life.
Getting off the streets in London is hard. When I settled down for my first sleep in a doorway, I was really scared. I did not know what was going to happen to me during that first night. When I explain all of this to my new found colleagues at Eton escorts from, they found it hard to believe. At the time I was only 18 years old and could not understand how everything had gone so wrong. It was like I had been lost in a crowd of people.
One of the main problems with living on the streets in London is that nobody sees you. They all walk by it such a hurry, and it is very much like you are not there at all. Money is the biggest problem as without money you cannot find any food. Yes, there are charities which hand out food, but they are not always there. If you want to get food from a charity, and help, you need to be outside one of the prime spots in London. The girls that I trust at Eton escorts know about my background but not all of them do. It is hard to learn to trust again when you have been throw something like living on the street.
I never felt clean when I lived on the streets in London. You cannot find a shower and washing is tough as well. In many ways, it is worse for women living on the streets and I think that my friends at Eton escorts understand why. Still, I count myself as one of the lucky ones. I managed to get some help and a room to live in. Once I had done that, I managed to get a job in a bar in Soho. One night I found myself dancing for a living and the rest is history.
Today, I am happy to work for Eton escorts, but I must admit that I do not take anything for granted. I thank my lucky stars every day, and I am so glad that I have got this place. Unlike many of the other girls at the agency, I am not a big spender at all. My dream is to have my own little place. Since the day when I was kicked out, I have not seen my mom and step dad at all. Thinking about it, there is no way that I would like to see them again. They clearly did not care about me, so it really makes me wonder why I should care about them at all.