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Many English girls and Barnet escorts left to work as porn stars in the United States a few years ago, Yes, they were off to a great start but the porn industry in the US has never really recovered since the financial crash of 2008. All of a sudden the bottom of the market fell out of the American porn industry, and many Barnet escorts returned home as they could not make ends meet.

Not all of the girls returned, some of them started to work as Las Vegas or Los Angeles escorts but the majority returned. I cannot tell you how pleased I am.

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Chica was one of the girls who went to work in Los Angeles, and she stared in a couple of porn movies. She made quite a bit of money but soon realized that things were going wrong. The studios were spending less and less on sets, and the budgets for everything else were going down hill as well. Chica decided to come back to London as she did not want to lose the money she had made.

She immediately got a job at a local agency but has now set up as an independent escort. She works really hard, and plans to retire from escorting next year. Chica and I got some very special plans together, and we are hoping to be able to set up our own sex line call center here in Barnet. I have a bit of money tucked away, and so has she, and we are busy making plans when we are together.

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