Are you having a night off from London escorts?

When I have a night off, I love to treat my lover to something special. We both work long hours, and often when I come off my shift, I fall straight into bed and fall asleep. He needs to get up early in the morning, and if I did not get my beauty sleep, I would be in no fit state for London escorts later on in the day. I am sure that you have heard the old saying “ships that pass in the night.” Well, that is us most of the time.

Having time off means doing something special for me, and I try to make it as enjoyable as I possibly can. It is not always easy to plan when you are busy, but I often get ideas when I am on duty with London escorts. I love having fun together. Most girls and men for that matter think that you need to spend a small fortune, to treat your partner to something special. You don’t need to do so at all. Even enjoying a sensual bath together can lead to more exciting things.

Weekends breaks are significant, and you don’t have to leave London to have a weekend break with your partner. I am always looking out for deals, and love nothing better than to surprise my lover with a weekend break. As I am in and out of hotels all of the time, I do get to hear of offers. Working for London escorts do have its advantages.

How about sexing your partner up at home? Sometimes I finish my shift at London escorts early and make my way home to surprise my man. Making my way home involves stopping by Marks and Spencer and picking up the latest meal deal. You normally get some fantastic meals, and it only takes minutes for me to create a delightful meal from quality ingredients. Put a candle on the table, and you will soon have a great big smile on your face, and his face as well.

But, you don’t need to rush down to Marks and Spencer to make your time together more exciting. I like to expand my range as I say to the girls at London escorts. An appealing alternative to all of the above would be to order some exciting new sex toys. Most sex toys companies now have special offers all of the time, and you may be able to pick up a selection of exciting toys for your time together. Delivery is smooth, and most of the time, your new toys are with you in about 24 hours for you and your partner to enjoy. What can be better than that? But then again, you may want to try a combination of things. Why not book a special weekend in London, pour a bath and then curl up in bed with your new exciting sex toys. That