A disaster date

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Should I challenge him to try something new? Not only is this guy sexy, but he has a fantastic personality as well, and I love that about him. I have this feeling that I would lose his friendship, and that is something that I would not want to do. There are plenty of male London escorts I can enjoy my sex life within private, so if I could not get this guy on the same wavelength as me, I am not going to worry about it too much. But the thing is, how would he feel about me working for the best outcall London escorts agency?


Some guys are okay with having a girlfriend who works for a London escorts service, but so far, I have not been able to meet one up with one. What would this guy say if I told him that I worked for an escort agency in London? Most people have the wrong impression of London escorts. It goes with the territory, and you have to think twice before you tell a guy you are an escort and work in adult entertainment.


I have not had any good relationships in the last couple of years. It all started before I got involved with London escorts. I used to strip and pole dance for a living, and even then, it was tough to enjoy a decent relationship. Things are not any more relaxed since I started to escort, and I am sure that most guys think that you are a cheap tart when you work as an escort. I feel that I am an exciting lady to be with, and it would be nice to meet a guy who has the same outlook on life as I do.